Premises Liability

The Mason Law Firm represents persons who are injured due to dangerous, defective or hazardous conditions in buildings or on premises.

Shopping center owners, building owners, landlords, tenants, property managers, developers, general contractors, homeowners and private owners of residential and commercial property all have a legal obligation to make sure that the premises which they own, use, develop, improve, occupy or manage are reasonably safe and secure for all those who enter.

Examples of the types of situations which give rise to premises liability claims include:

  • Slips or trips on hazards in parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, store aisles, escalators, elevators, decks, docks or elsewhere upon any premises;
  • Injuries sustained on residential, commercial or municipal property;
  • Slips or trips resulting in falls on stairs or ramps or other platforms which are improperly designed or built or which violate building codes;
  • Injuries or deaths resulting from unsafe pools and drownings arising from failure to safeguard water hazards;
  • Injuries or deaths resulting from fires, explosions or other catastrophic occurrences;
  • Injuries or deaths resulting from the structural failure of a building component, such as a stair, deck or handrail;
  • Sexual assaults or other physical assaults which take place in a business parking lot, building or other area where there is inadequate lighting or security;
  • Injuries to children sustained when they were drawn or attracted to a hazardous condition existing on a property (known as an “attractive nuisance”) which was not properly safeguarded by the owner; and,
  • Automobile collisions resulting from an intoxicated driver leaving a bar after having been illegally and improperly served an excessive amount of alcohol.

The Mason Law Firm uses engineering, building, safety and medical experts to establish liability and prove damages in premises liability cases.

We have skill and experience dealing with property safety requirements and building codes as well as an understanding of foreseeable risks, hazards and safety procedures applicable to business and residential properties.

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