Insurance Litigation

Consumers buy insurance to protect themselves and their families from natural disasters, fires, injury, sickness, disability, accident, death or other kinds of losses and damages. When a consumer buys an insurance policy and then is denied compensation when there is a loss, that is plain wrong. The Mason Law Firm will fight aggressively on behalf of wronged policy holders to get them what is rightfully due under the insurance policy.

If you pay for insurance of any kind, you have the right to expect and receive professionalism, coverage and timely claims handling. However, it is not unusual for an insurance company to deny coverage for no apparent reason or delay the payment of a valid claim.

Bad faith insurance practices can take many different forms. For example, it is bad faith for the insurance company to take unreasonable action in:

  • Failing to pay a claim for a covered loss
  • Underpaying a claim for a covered loss
  • Denying a legitimate claim
  • Errors and omissions on the part of brokers or agents that impact the policy holder’s ability to collect, or
  • Engaging in negligent or fraudulent practices with respect to insurance policies and insurance companies

If an insurance company acts unreasonably in failing to timely pay a claim that is clearly due under a mutually binding contract of insurance, it can be sued not only for the benefits which should have been paid under the insurance contract, but for incidental and consequential damages arising from the insurance company’s bad faith conduct.

The Mason Law Firm handles all types of insurance claims, including automobile, health, life, disability, accident, property, business owners, title insurance, homeowners, fire, flood and wind storm insurance claims.

If you, your family or business have been damaged by an insurance company’s bad faith, contact the Mason Law Firm for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your claim.