Fraud, by its nature, is clandestine and often involves large sums of money. We represent persons and businesses victimized by fraud.

The Mason Law Firm is an investigative and litigation law firm with the capacity to marshal international legal and investigative resources required, within a brief period of time, to pursue our clients objectives – most usually involving (a) the recovery of concealed assets of a very substantial value or (b) the achievement of solutions to a diverse set of extreme fact problems.

A global, international banking system, has stimulated cross border fraud and financial crimes. We are familiar with preemptive remedies in response to global economic fraud and crime to uproot bank secrets and freeze hidden assets.

This area of practice includes civil fraud claims and other causes of action intended to recover money against corporate officers, directors, agents, fiduciaries, trustees, or others arising from breach of trust, or breach of fiduciary duty, it includes claims against partners, family members or others who have taken property or money that does not rightfully belong to them, as well as conversion, or other claims arising from acts of dishonesty or embezzlement.

We also represent plaintiffs in actions which seek damages for unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of a trade or business.

We handle claims of “whistle blowers” under the False Claims Act, also known as qui tam actions. In those cases we represent individuals who have uncovered information that some person or business entity is defrauding the Federal Government, generally involving large sums of money. In those cases the individual who acts as a “whistle blower” or “Realtor” in regards to the false claim is statutorily entitled to a fee of at least 15{996d025bf3d4ecb056ad21363b695b03f70ed95fba4476b8d8f3dd3c22efc4dd} of any amounts the government recovers.

If you are faced with a fraud-type claim, contact the Mason Law Firm for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your claim.