Firm Overview

When faced with a legal problem, the first and single most important decision you must make is the selection of the right lawyer to handle your case. At the end of the day, only one lawyer speaks as your advocate in a court, arbitration or mediation forum. Your advocate needs to have experience, be well prepared, persuasive and skillful in the presentation of your case. We take the representation of a client very seriously, as a client has only one chance to win his or her case.

If our firm agrees to undertake the responsibility of handling your case, then it will receive the personal attention, dedication and resources it deserves. We immediately respond to clients’ needs, inquiries and requests. We are able to do this because at Mason Law Firm we believe in quality not quantity.

We can provide one-on-one personal service because our well coordinated team takes only a limited number of cases per year. If we agree to undertake representation of you, then you can be assured that we believe in the merits of your case. From that day forward, we develop a close relationship with each client and are relentless in our pursuit of the client’s case and the maximization of the client’s recovery. We are result oriented.

We utilize the latest courtroom technology in the preparation and presentation of your case. This allows us to efficiently and effectively handle complex litigation. The more difficult and complex a case, the more we are challenged to excel for our clients. The more formidable the opponent, the sweeter the client victory. We do not shy away from hard work. We approach our cases from the standpoint of “whatever it takes” to get the job done.

We are very selective in the cases we agree to take because once that decision is made, we are committed to a “no stone unturned” approach in our investigation and preparation of the client’s case. We invest substantial time and money in our efforts to ensure that our clients receive the best representation available.

Over the years, our firm has developed relationships with consulting experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, trucking safety, machine and product safety, construction and engineering, past and future economic loss, medicine and many other disciplines.

Your case will not be put in a file cabinet along with hundreds of similar cases; to the contrary, our taking your case will represent the personal commitment of our firm.

We have built our reputation as lawyers who thoroughly prepare for trial every case we agree to undertake. Contact us today so we can use our experience, skill and strong work ethic to protect and assert your legal rights.