Family Law Attorney

For more than 20 years, Mark A. Mason has earned a reputation for result-oriented, client-centered representation in family law cases.

Our practice has been devoted to handling divorce, child support, child custody, domestic violence, alimony, and property division claims, at the trial and appellate court level. We do so in a professional and compassionate manner. We are attentive to clients’ needs and requests.

While our firm is interested in resolution, as opposed to unnecessary confrontation, we recognize that circumstances often require a tough and aggressive legal approach, which we are prepared to employ whenever necessary to obtain the best results for our client.

Our family law practice is primarily focused on matters involving substantial marital assets, including real property holdings, business interests and offshore accounts. The firm has successfully handled cases involving complex financial issues, multimillion dollar marital estates and hidden assets. We employ forensic accountants, appraisers and private investigators as needed to fully develop our client’s claims. We are committed and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

If you have a family law matter, please contact Mark A. Mason for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your claim.