Developer Representation and Permitting

The Mason Law Firm has extensive experience in representing developers in regard to the acquisition, permitting and development of real property. This practice area includes developer representation before state and local governmental bodies and administrative agencies. It includes subdivision approval and the handling of matters before OCRM, such as marina and dock permitting. Entitlements for land development add substantial value to real property.


The Mason Law Firm also assists local developers who wish to invest in and develop real property in The Bahamas. We have established strong working relationships with leading Bahamian law firms, international title insurance agencies (experienced in insuring title to real property in the Bahamas), local Bahamian surveyors, land planners, real estate agents, engineers, contractors, scientists, corporate service providers and many others necessarily involved in the process of purchasing and developing Bahamian real property, all of which are necessary to navigate the complex undertaking of acquiring title to land in the Bahamas.

If you require representation with a development or permitting matter contact the Mason Law Firm for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your legal matter.