Courtroom Technology

The Mason Law Firm uses the latest evidence presentation technology to prepare and present its clients’ cases whether in court, arbitration or the mediation forum. Technology is a powerful tool we also use during settlement negotiations. We have incorporated this technology into our high-tech offices on Shem Creek.

Jurors are familiar with watching television. In today’s increasingly digital world, jurors expect to see technology used in the courtroom to present a case. The use of the latest cutting edge presentation technology helps to win cases and maximize damage recoveries. Visuals are extremely useful in demonstrating liability and damages. When properly used, this medium can be quite persuasive. It captures and holds the attention of jurors, judges, arbitrators, mediators, defense attorneys and insurance adjusters.

While many law firms “out source” the preparation of high tech, digital case presentations, if they use them, the Mason Law Firm prepares these presentations “in house”, resulting in a dynamic and high-quality product that continually takes shape as the case is fully developed.

At the trial preparation stage, in most cases, we take video tape deposition testimony to obtain and preserve evidence. Video taped testimony, when paired with thorough preparation, is extremely useful in exposing a witnesses who may try to lie under oath; when replayed at trial, the video is very effective in exposing the lie.

Please contact the Mason Law Firm and let us show you how we can utilize our courtroom technology skills to your advantage.