Construction Accident Attorney

Construction litigation involves the handling of litigation and arbitration proceedings arising from the and/or negligent design of a commercial or residential building.

It includes contract disputes between general contractors and subcontractors, or property owners and general contractors.

The filing and foreclosure of mechanic’s lien claims, or the defense of such actions, is often involved.

Construction litigation also often involves negligence claims against contractors, architects, engineers, surveyors, and other professionals engaged in the construction process.

In addition, the handling of construction litigation includes litigation with insurance companies who often deny construction related property damage or liability claims.

Common issues which give rise to construction litigation include:

  • Water intrusion issues arising from improper flashing or design defects.
  • The failure of products incorporated into the building.
  • Structural failures resulting from negligent design, engineering, or construction defects.
  • Inadequate or ambiguous contracts, plans or specifications which give rise to disputes over scope of work and payment.
  • The refusal of property or general commercial liability insurance companies to pay for property damages resulting from negligent or defective construction.

Lawyers at the Mason Law Firm have been directly involved in the development and construction of many commercial and residential projects. We understand the development and construction process.

We have experience representing property owners, contractors, subcontractors and condominium associations in construction litigation claims.

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